1. Concept: Teams putting forth their idea, concept or prototype have to have developed it during the fashion/tech hackathon event.  Ideas, concepts and technology developed or built prior to the Kent State Fashion/Tech hackathon are not eligible.  Winning teams may be disqualified if their idea, concept or technology is found to have been built prior to the event. 
  2. Safety: The KSU fashion school will remain open to the participants throughout the 24-hour event.  Please be mindful of not leaving any personal items (including laptops or other equipment) alone as we can not guarantee the protection of such items.
  3. Respect: This is a forum for expressing ideas and sharing information.  Be respectful of those that willingly share their ideas with you.  You may not find the idea interesting, but that does not mean the idea is not worthy of fuller exploration. Judge the idea, not the person.
  4. If teams from Kent State win the competition, the Winning team(s) must register with the Blackstone LaunchPad program and agree to receive business advising to secure their prize award.  Non-KSU winning teams will be referred to business guidance resources at their own campus to accelerate their winning concept.


The Blackstone LaunchPad program maintains the confidentiality of their clients.  All BLP staff (and student employees) are required to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) that legally bind the staff member from discussing BLP clients' ventures without their consent.

We ask that event participants hold to the same spirit of this philosophy and refrain from sharing any proprietary information discussed outside of this event.  For those ventures developed out of the Fashion/Tech hackathon, it is up to the team members to determine what future roles team members will play in the venture.